What Is A Sponsor In A Credit Agreement


Due diligence may be ordered; The professionalism of the systems and the quality of management are things that any credit analyst should form an opinion on with self-respect, no matter who owns the shares, and clarity of strategy and proper separation between ownership and management roles are not things that are unique to private equity. As a rule, the defined investment term includes the purchase of loans from another person, which is intended to cover the loans of a third party, and not from the borrower himself. The authorized acquisition agreement usually applies to the acquisition of all or almost all of the assets of a third party that would not apply to the borrower`s purchase of a loan owned by a third party. In addition, restricted payment prohibitions often apply only to other debts in the borrower`s capital structure (usually subordinated or subordinated debt) and not to loans granted under the loan agreement. In determining whether or not a borrower can purchase its loans, the parties should carefully consider these provisions, and whether these provisions are broad enough to cover the borrower`s purchase of their loans, the specific agreement should be examined to seek an exception. First, while the above factors may constitute a reasonable generalization regarding the characteristics of a promoter-led transaction, this does not mean that these elements are missing in a non-sponsored transaction. Nor does it mean that they are always or reliably present in a sponsorship company. Although trading debt at a high discount level often suggests that a company is in trouble, it represents an opportunity for some investors. Private equity promoters, in particular, could choose to buy the debt of their holding companies and become an affiliated lender under a loan agreement. A promoter`s decision to buy the debt of the discount holding company offers several potential possibilities: if a borrower buys their loans at a discount to face value, the borrower will usually enter taxable income equal to the discount.

This can also be the case if it is the borrower`s sponsor and not the borrower himself who makes the purchase. Therefore, a tax advisor should be consulted prior to such a purchase. .