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If your recommendations are successful, you can earn £50 each for a recommendation to Virgin Media, and for Virgin Mobile, you`ll receive up to £15 for a SIM-Only recommendation or up to £50 if you recommend a mobile phone. You can see how much you`ve earned by signing up for your referral account with Aklamio, Virgin Media`s referral partner. Just go here and click on „Login“. 80% of the UK population has a mobile phone, this figure probably includes you yourself. Most people have a SIM card with their phone. Applying for a SIM card involves a credit quality check, even if it is an advance payment. The change between mobile operators also involves a credit check. Quote: Because Experian does, and they filed an investigation with Virgin because they agree with me, if you pay in advance, you don`t have an active line of credit and Virgin is wrong I would have assumed (and yes, that`s one of me) that if it were treated as a credit agreement, it would have helped your creditworthiness, so I`m sorry that wasn`t the case. If you are a freestyle customer, you can fill out our edit details form to let us know your new name or addresses. We change your details in your Virgin Mobile account for your minutes, texts and data as well as your freestyle loan agreement within 24 hours of receiving the correct information.

£12 for 25GB SIM plan only 12 months. Increase of 5 GB. The increase in the allowance will continue as long as you stay in the same plan. Available until 01/02/2021. The terms and conditions apply, go to you should have received two emails. The first email has the subject „Thank you for your order“. It confirms your order and informs you when we expect a delivery*. The delivery date remains the same as long as you sign your agreement before 18:30 on the day of receipt of the emails.

1.1. Trade up is a service that allows existing virgin media freestyle customers („you“) to update a new phone at an early stage by using the value in an old phone (a „Device“) to pay for your active freestyle consumer loan agreement (your „freestyle loan“) with Virgin Media Mobile Finance Limited, under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (Trade Up). Credit checks have an effect of 25 experience points and fall after one month. Credit agreements have an effect of about 40 points that take three months to fall. By definition, credit agreements involve being provided with something before you pay – as I`ve shown, that`s not the way my contract works. . . .