Elevator Mechanic Collective Agreement


Schindler Elevator Corporation specializes in the manufacture, installation, service and modernization of a wide range of elevators, stairs and boarding for various mobility applications. Payment is made per day in this area outside zone 2. Mechanics, apprentices and assistants who work more than forty-five (45) miles from the primary school center receive each day for each working day, on a seven (7) day basis, including Saturday and Sunday, if the work continues at the beginning of the following week. The rate of the daily rate must be one hundred and ten percent (110%) of the mechanics` salary for room No. 34. This agreement includes new equipment, upgrades and upgrades, as well as maintenance programs for Schindler Service that can be used for each brand of elevator and escalator equipment. The use of a car or personal vehicle is not a mandatory condition of employment. It is not mandatory that the aids drive with a mechanic or vice versa in the vehicle. The costs of construction, modernization and repair in progress at the time of entry into force of the new Agreement shall continue to be paid according to the applicable schedules before the date of this Agreement. Zone 1 includes this area outside the primary zone and within a radius of thirty (30) miles from the center of the primary zone. For each working day, a travel subsidy of 70% (70%) of the current mechanic rate is paid to mechanics, apprentices and assistants. This Agreement shall enter into force on 1 August 2005 and shall remain in force for as long as it is satisfactory to both Parties.

Sixty – (60) days in written notice must be given by each party the desire to modify the agreement, and such written communication constitutes grounds for meeting between the parties. Exchange and return are generally not applicable during a maintenance contract. Modification contracts are required, as well as costs incurred for resettlement and modernization projects. „Schindler guarantees that the work delivered to it complies with the specifications and that one year after the completion of the work or its receipt by useful use, whichever is earlier, there are no material and transformation errors. The equipment supplied and installed under our agreement requires maintenance services such as regular examinations, lubrication and adaptation by competent mechanics specially trained in the maintenance of this equipment. Our warranty is not intended to replace this normal maintenance of the equipment and it is not possible to interpret that we provide maintenance services of this type free of charge, unless this is provided for in our contract or we rectify free of charge any breaks, adaptation errors or other problems resulting from maintenance by others. Schindler`s only obligation under this warranty is to remedy the non-conformity or non-compliance at Schindler`s expense within a reasonable time after receipt of the notification. THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES CONTAINED IN HERIN ARE ALONGSIDE ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ALL WARRANTIES OF A FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

The buyer`s remedies below are exclusive. This agreement is entered into by and between SOK (hereinafter referred to as „Schindler, Otis and Kone“ or the companies) and the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local No. . . .